Wednesday, June 9, 2010

For the Jiftlik

Before my injury I was working on this piece after having visited a most wonderful village in the Jordan Valley. They literally are building the resistance and with mud, one of our Earth's most excellently fun substances. They live across from a settlement community which, completely illegally, cuts off their access to water and their right to expand. You might look at a fence made partially of a sign to Nablus, crates of various sorts, wires, tarps, and various car parts and see poverty, but I doubt my neighborhood in Maryland has half of their character.

So here you have it, the only proper thing to post now - what I had meant to before my bump. And yes, I really did see a plant shaped like that.

Toss Up


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  2. Great stuff, thanks for posting this.
    I hope you'll get well soon.
    Good luck! Take care of yourself!

  3. Emily, I love your drawings.

  4. Emily, godspeed in your recovery. Your healthy eye and spirit will overcome in the pursuit of making your great art. God bless.
    Erik NYC*911 Paramedic

  5. Right on, and great pic - love the atmosphere on the mountains.

  6. All Love and Respect to one of the bravest ladies .. The world will always remember your greatest sacrifice .. Emily Henochowicz and Rachel Corrie are stories to be engraved in the history and admired for ever ..

  7. Keep on drawing, love your art!

    Alas the fight against religion is always a losing battle. Those illegal settlers probably can find a nicer better place to live somewhere else but they will not. They will settle and expand or will die trying.

    Like one Jewish settler said "We are not settlers: we are the indigenous people of this land designated by the Creator to live here from before the beginning of time."

    There is a reason why I became an atheist.

  8. Brava Emily! Your bravery and dignity will not be forgotten.

  9. I would be ranting and expressing hate, outrage, lots of cursing, pictures of me flipping both birds with my bandaged eye, and vows to "Get the bastards who did this to me!!!" if this were my blog, probably followed by someone videotaping me throwing a molotov cocktail at the Israeli embassy, posting it on Youtube, and getting arrested and thrown in prison for 20+ years on a terrorism conviction. Then the outrage merchants on CNN and Fox would make me the poster boy of the pro-Palestine movement, even though I would be doing it purely out of rage for losing my eye.

    The fact that you're not doing any of these things shows that you are a much, much better person than I. Bravo on being a stand-up human being, and I hope you can make a full recovery with an eye transplant in your future (if that can be done; I'm totally ignorant in medicine, so I have no idea).

    To thwart the classic "antisemitism" charge, I'd do the exact same thing to the Palestinian offices in the U.N. if their security forces cost me my eye. What else would I have to lose? My freaking eye is gone forever! I'm not saying it would be the RIGHT thing to do, but it's how I would react because I'm not Emily Henochowicz. I'm an angry Internet jerk who realizes who tops him in the "good person" contest, and wishes he could be even 1/20th as composed in that given situation.

  10. Bravo ! for your courage. I hope you can get well very soon.

  11. Ciao bella,
    this is S.
    So glad you started posting again! Am looking forward to seeing more.

    I hope you are doing as well as possible. Robin keeps us posted, which I'm greatful for. How are you up North? Do you want more phonecalls and visits? Should we come and kidnapp you? Just kidding.

    Many people continue to ask about you. Yesterday, someone asked how you came here, in the first place, how you became aware of the situation, what made you join the struggle, etc. Maybe something to write about in the future....

    I think of you often.
    Hugs and lots of love, really,

  12. Hey,
    just read that you are back the the US, so kidnapping would be out of question, anyway;)

    I just read this article on haaretz where your mother apparently says you still loved Israel and did not wish this to be an excuse for anti-Zionist sentiments.... with all my respect, you did not strike me as an Israel-and-Zionism loving person, really. Bit strange to read this...

    still lots of love,

  13. We don't know each other, but I knew you from the news. One brave woman for justice..

    Get well soon Emily.

    Dana - Indonesia.

  14. Es - Though the two extreme sides are extreme, there is plenty of middle ground. One does not have to agree with everything a person or country does to love them. One can still hate the actions of a country without demanding its destruction. Though it often seems black and white, the world is full of nuance.

    I'm not speaking for Emily though, she's shown she can do that herself.

  15. Wonderful to see your new work, Emily - Love to you and your family and friends in Palestine and, yes, even in (rich, characterless) Maryland!

  16. You and your artwork are so inspiring, and I think you are incredibly brave. I'm proud to stand beside you in this struggle for what is right.

  17. You really are amazing! Thanks for the beautiful art and thanks for being you:)

  18. I am glad that you are posting again. Your art work is extraordinary. I trust you will continue the path of creativity. We met briefly at one of the Beit Jala demonstrations. Like so many others, I think about you often. I think about your family often. Your injury also reminded me of a Gazan girl who received treatment at Yale in 2001 (stories at following links:

    You and your work are an inspiration to all of us. Please be well soon, and all the best to you and your family.

    Beit Sahour

  19. Myself, my twin brother, and many of my friends and family have all volunteered with ISM too. Can't say how much we admire you and respect your work. You are really an inspiring person. I love your artwork too, it really takes the resistance to the next level. Take care and be well and know that you are deeply loved and appreciated!

  20. If what the settler said is true, does that mean Mars belongs to the Chinese; after all, it's in a book?

  21. You want to stop injustice against human rights abuses join my mission in life, you can read about it at my website

  22. its inspiring that someone so young could be so brave and so smart. wishing you the best of everything.

  23. I hope what happened to you helps more people realize that a peaceful settlement between the Israelis and the Palestinians is what's needed.

    I kept picturing your latest artwork above upon awakening last night. For someone who has just lost an eye to violence, it's refreshing to see such hope.

    Peace, Ken

  24. Thank you for your wonderful drawings. I wish you a speedy recovery!

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  26. Its good to see you are posting again.
    I saw the sad news about your injuries near Ramallah.
    I just searched for more news about you..,and I found your blog.
    I wish you a speedy recovery.

  27. Although I completely disagree with you on your politics and leanings, I would like to wish you rafuah sheloma, and best of luck on any future endeavors.

  28. love it it is super awsome!!
    i am looking farward to the next pice!!
    hope u get better sooon!! u brave brave woman!!
    love filliph!!

  29. It's wonderful to see you posting again, and that your experiences have not planted the seeds of hate in your heart. You are a beautiful soul!

    Take care!

    In solidarity and peace,
    BC, Canada

  30. You are a hero Emily, your courage and sensible heart not only will guide you, but guides humanity to see through your eyes and art, you will always be eternal among those who defend others lives, i will not ask you to be strong because you already showed the world what strength can be, just get well soon and you will live in our hearts forever..

  31. Hey Emily!!

    I am so excited to see a new post from you!! It's beautiful. Clay really IS one of earth's most fun substances. We have a lot of clay in the part of Maryland where I live now. It makes gardening more of a chore, but it also has its uses. It's definitely fun to slip around in, or shape and dry in the sun.

    I can't wait to see and hear more from you, so I hope you feel inspired again soon!!


  32. oh you said mud, not clay. *facepalm*

    Either way, super fun substances both.

  33. Lovely to see you've bounced back so quickly with a post completely lacking in self-pity or self-importance.

    You really are an inspiration Emily!

    All the best to you from Australia

    Syd Walker

  34. Your art is cool. Your coolness, bravery and compassion take my breath away.

    A true inspiration.

    Love and respect.

  35. Heya Emily, I'm a fellow American Jew and thank you for your bravery and artistic brilliance! I'm here: May your art continue to unfold with such beauty!

  36. Emily,
    God blesses your speedy recovery and thanks for your blog and beautiful art. You might have lost an eye, but your aggressor have lost a heart and sooner or later he will pay for his crime as this is the law of justice and God.

  37. God bless you good lady. We're in Ireland and are warmed by your beautiful courageous spirit and art.
    May you have all the good things you deserve.

  38. Phil Weiss gave you a shout-out (, which is how I found your blog. Sad to see what I think might be a new profile pic, but glad your sense of humor remains miraculously intact.

    I hope that a genuine and thorough investigation of what happened in your case will ensure that this does not happen to anyone ever again.

  39. Dear Ms. Henochowicz,

    Thank you for your courage, your love, and your wit. How wonderful--a menorah-shaped plant native to Palestine! A great prophecy that Palestine will be one, and free.

    Jim Holstun

  40. I liked this one most. congratulations for the blog of note.

  41. Dear Emily,
    I take heart by your spirit!

    My org,, is helping the Jordan River Valley village of Al Aqaba develop plans to build homes in the West Bank. I would like to connect with Jiktlik -- please email me contact info at Contact @

    Many thanks,