Friday, February 26, 2010

Okay, I'm done.

For now...

I like 'em both.

Squiggles drawn while watching TV...


What I meant to tell you about New Years

I left the party and felt the space between and beyond the people.

A resolution of sorts -

To enjoy the silent crevices.

Sketchbook - a set on Flickr

1,760 doodles, and counting...

Long time no post, no?

I sometimes do this thing where I postpone a new idea until I finish the old project... but then I don't finish the old project and I end up with nothing. Like with animation - I felt like I had to finish some old pieces before I could allow myself to start this piece about a girl with magical hair (maybe you got a glimpse of her in my "Walkers" short?)

I've been meaning to post something about how I actually started this year with an epiphany, literally in the wee hours that occupied a new years party, but I wanted to finish coloring in a complicated picture to go with it.

Two months have passed.

I've been to, and the places in-between, New York City, Birmingham Alabama, Columbus Ohio, Chicago, the Washington DC area, and most importantly Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Israel. Israel! I finally started at Bezalal!

Seeing all these Jews has me doodling this:

It's good to be back.
Be thee prepared for the postathon.