Thursday, September 30, 2010


Here she is again. She's changing. I've realized she isn't a child. Her life is so much like my own - as my life unfolds the images of this film come together. I've never had this happen before. This film, which will not be done anytime soon, is not practice like the Walkers piece. This is my baby. This is a story, this is a world that I'm visiting through drawing. Animation is magic.

I drew this on Friday when I was feeling this feeling.

My life is confusing and incredible. People keep sending me little things about the spring in An Nabi Salah and I am just astonished. I feel this responsibility to the Palestinian people; in my life, I will get to really know them and share their stories. That is truly my role as an artist. As I watch the world I create and imagine and the people I meet and my experience come together in a celebration. I am excited to see where things will go. What will I make when I am 50? What will I be doing? What will I think of this all? Will Palestine be free?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Quiet

Hey guys, I know I disappeared for a moment which can feel like forever in internet land. Thanks to everyone who's helped me out, it helps me focus on my art. I will get back to you – I’m true to my word, just disorganized. I've been through something profound and I believe I'm working on important things.

I spent the last week almost completely locked up in my apartment, trudging through a field of things, little objects activating little memories. If it wasn’t a tool, art, or sentimental, it was trash. I feel like I moved in again. The colors are the same, but the walls hold good things. I turned my desk upside-down. I got rid of the internet because I use my computer for arting and it’s incredibly distracting. No more staying up late searching for whatever, if I’m bored I can’t check my e-mail. If I have to go on-line, I have to go to the library, hey here I am!

Perhaps it will strike me to make more Palestine pieces, but I’ve know for awhile I needed to make this one. For Nariman and her family and her village, this is An Nabi Salah before a demonstration.

The Quiet

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Feed the Artist/Meet Me NYC

Feed the Artist

or e-mail me at

You support me right? I need a little help from my friends. As my life story unfolds, so to does the animation I am creating. I know it will be an incredibly powerful work. I’m making it to share my soul. My creativity is flowing and it will be ready when it is ready. I left school because when you almost die, you realize life is short and you got to grab it while you have it. I need to pay my rent and eat sometimes, or get sketchbooks. So you know, wanna donate or pre-order some prints? I’m also selling pages from my sketchbooks. If you don’t have a lot, even a dollar would help.

Have some sketches - $20 plus s&h for five pages, $50 for five signed pages.

Tell me the piece and I'll get you a Kinko’s style print signed for $150 or a high quality professional print for $1000.

If you've already requested a print from me, please send the request through paypal. I'll remind ya...

Or just donate! Even a buck helps!

Meet Me NYC

This is a super project you'll wanna help support. I'll remind you again soon with another post and a new web-page.


I love the internet because art of all forms is without a monetary value. Great art speaks to the soul and everybody should have access to it. But we can go even farther. Having a brush of fame, I have had an identity crisis. Do these people really know who I am? What I’m all about? Who are these people? I want to know. You friend-ed me because you support me and I want to met my friends and share a little art. Wanna go grab a coffee and walk around? Can you pick up the tab? I drew a portrait of you.

I’m young and idealistic and I believe art can change the world. With a little help from my friends.

Also, we’re trying to send a US boat to Gaza… you should support that too!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Siege Busters Ball

September 21st
Let's get a US boat to Gaza.
I am not responsible for the fonts...

Monday, September 13, 2010


Some abstractness I drew while walking.... I think these (and by these I mean I drew a bunch of walking drawings) will be the background for something...

Walk 41

P.S. I am making some animations that just, feel like my real work. It's really flowing and coming together. I am pleased.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Road Haven

I drew it on a road-trip to Alabama...

Road Haven

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September - Doodle Days


I have a ton of sketches I need to go through and clean-up and such and internet birds to feed, so every day, or every-other day, or at the least every-other-other day, I'll present you with a sketch.