Thursday, September 30, 2010


Here she is again. She's changing. I've realized she isn't a child. Her life is so much like my own - as my life unfolds the images of this film come together. I've never had this happen before. This film, which will not be done anytime soon, is not practice like the Walkers piece. This is my baby. This is a story, this is a world that I'm visiting through drawing. Animation is magic.

I drew this on Friday when I was feeling this feeling.

My life is confusing and incredible. People keep sending me little things about the spring in An Nabi Salah and I am just astonished. I feel this responsibility to the Palestinian people; in my life, I will get to really know them and share their stories. That is truly my role as an artist. As I watch the world I create and imagine and the people I meet and my experience come together in a celebration. I am excited to see where things will go. What will I make when I am 50? What will I be doing? What will I think of this all? Will Palestine be free?


  1. I'm totally loving this brightly painted thoughts. I am so tempted to go home when i hear the name Nabi Salah something like that town can only bee seen from new york only through your paintings . I think this is very cool!!

  2. Really like this one, easy to relate but also makes me happy to be who I am and have the thoughts that I do.

    Though I must admit I do envy your life sometimes, I've decided to take the fairly less adventurous route in medicine, but oft wonder how much greater it would be to be free and prey to my own creativity. And the age of 50 is freaky to me, on one hand like you I have a lot of time but on the other I might look back (if I get there!) and not like what I see.

    Hmm.. maybe I shouldn't have pressed the pessimist button.. ah well life is sure to be fun whichever way! Thanks for the update/s, always a pleasure to go through when I can.

  3. its a very kind of you emily! I love u

  4. Sometimes I think that when I'm fifty, nothing would have changed, that all the cold war relics that could collapse have already done so long ago.

    I admire your optimism.

  5. sometimes my thoughts weigh me down too. i wish i had been aware of palestine when i was young, but oh well i didn't. the important thing is we know now and if there is one thing i can tell you about looking back and being 50 is that even when things seem like they'll never change and everything is taking a long time all of a sudden change happens and it's the same for big things and little things. we reach a tipping pt and change happens.

    palestine will be free because of you and me, us together we will make it happen and we will keep going until peace happens and as others have come before us others will follow in our steps. so we don't have to ask if, just when. because we won't stop and the winds of time are blowing for palestine.