Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Having one eye is really just a design problem. There's even research that suggests that "Stereoblindness might prove an asset rather than a disadvantage to an artist." Sure, there's prosthesis that look so real no one would ever know you are different, but they could be so much more - an eye for every occasion; abstract, cartoony, solid colors, etc... I could even have it be the ultimate spy camera. Then of course there's eye patches. Black is classic and I do really love simple design, but there's a million different ways you could drape your face to cover that creepy spot. Hairstyles must also be considered. And when I'm feeling bold, there's always going natural. And what about one-eyed glasses?

P.S. My profile picture is me in a costume I made freshman year. I've had it since I made this blog and it's proven oddly predictive. The older I get, the more ridiculous life seems.


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  2. after bad things have happened to me, I usually waste years being self-destructive and feeling sorry for myself.

    I much prefer your way of dealing with things. You're much smarter than I am.

    Anyways, I like the camera eye idea.
    but why stop at a camera, why not go for video?

    you could probably stream it via bluetooth to a nearby device and from there even stream it live to the internet from your ever changing pov?

    It'd be like a reality TV show! It might help if you moved to Jersey and became more trashy.

    or maybe you could use it to record concerts and become a bootleg concert video seller?

    or maybe you could work with PETA and make hidden videos about puppy mills?!

    I don't know. I guess if your head is on right, you have a lot of options. more options than most people, whose heads are all looking the same way.

    best wishes to you

  3. Hey emily!

    Great post. It seems you are limited only by the scope of your imagination.

    Anime presents a myriad of creative options for this "design problem" you speak of. Then again, so does Star Trek TNG. I think you could make the Borg look BIG again. Or perhaps a half Geordi?

    Another option: Could this be the amazing genesis story of a new American super-heroine? Any chance of an implant that gives you super-human abilities with which to fight injustice? That would be most-cool. I grew up in the DC metro area, too, so I know we could sure use one. But don't worry, Ms. Wayne, your secret identity will be safe with me!


  4. This may be a familiar story to artists but here is a snippet for those who havent heard it.
    Although Monet was diagnosed with nuclear cataracts in both eyes by a Parisian ophthalmologist in 1912, at the age of 72, his visual problems began much earlier. Soon after 1905 (age 65) he began to experience changes in his perception of color. He no longer perceived colors with the same intensity. Indeed his paintings showed a change in the whites and greens and blues, with a shift towards "muddier" yellow and purple tones. After 1915, his paintings became much more abstract, with an even more pronounced color shift from blue-green to red-yellow. He complained of perceiving reds as muddy, dull pinks, and other objects as yellow. These changes are consistent with the visual effects of cataracts. Nuclear cataracts absorb light, desaturate colors, and make the world appear more yellow.

    Monet was both troubled and intrigued by the effects of his declining vision, as he reacted to the the foggy, impressionistic personal world that he was famous for painting.

    Good luck Emily, I watched the early video clips of your injury and am heartened to see you spring back. But then considering what you were doing when you got hurt how could you not.
    Take heart and may you produce more than Monet.


  5. Emily you've gained a lot-A of vision... just wanted to salute you and gift u this jaw-dropping story (in case you haven't heard of it yet)


  6. OR, I bet there are some pretty creative ways you could rock a monocle. Think about it! I'd love to see some butt-kicking monocle designs...

  7. It's nice to see how well you're healing. No doubt it was a lot more bruised before. I hope you're not in much pain, though with facial fractures you probably are. The only thing I think is "creepy" is that the media have covered for the person who did this to you. In time, you'll get a replacement eye, as you stated, and no one will even be able to tell, apart from you. You lost your sight in one eye for no justifiable reason, and that's what I think should be the focus here. Sane reasonable people don't shoot at people's eyes. We're all taught that when we fool with BB guns as kids. Yeah, I know, they claim it ricocheted, which would be impossible, and they know it. Plus, eyewitness accounts contradict their nonsensical claim.

    Imagine if the Iranians invaded a humanitarian aid flotilla in international waters, and then shot a US citizen in the eye with a tear gas canister who protested their invasion on the very same day. Do you not think we would've heard all that on the news, or they would've left part of it out? We likely would've already invaded Iran had that happened.

    As Chomsky has stated, "We live entangled in webs of endless deceit, in a highly indoctrinated society where elementary truths are easily buried." Amazing this statement is still true at the height of the Information Age.

    I've corresponded with Noam about you, and he's agreed that what happened is "buried."

    Who can say otherwise in all truthfulness?

    I hope you haven't lost your eye for no reason. In other words, I hope something good comes out of this, and I don't mean only with your art work. I hope it helps get others to see how those once persecuted are now the persecutors.

    The cycle of violence must end. The entire world has agreed to a peaceful settlement, including Hamas, Al-Qaeda, Iran, etc., apart from the US and Israel, or rather the governing bodies of same. There are many Israelis, like Emily for instance (who has duel-citizenship) who don't like the way the Palestinians are being treated, in Gaza and elsewhere.

    No one in her or his right mind denies that the Israelis now have a right to their own nation, but if a peaceful settlement could be attained, which is the case, then shouldn't that be our goal?

    How can one side be called terrorists, but the other side, whether they shoot out people's eyes or invade aid flotillas in the middle of the night, not be? Why have the US media censored this story? Can they possibly have an excuse? Surely they knew what happened. Yes, it was reported, finally, in the Washington Post and the Associated Press, but the amount of coverage has been minuscule, thus the story is buried.

    The day after Emily was shot, Amanda Knox made AOL opening page news. Why not Emily?


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  9. you are beautiful. thank you.

  10. “Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art.”
    - Ralph Waldo Emerson

  11. Eye patch is the way to go; I'd suggest a parrot as well.

  12. The cyclops and the pancake (Rachael Corrie), the 2 heroic white people that stand up to those evil Israelis, forget all the other people that die or get hurt, lets focus on the American "activists" who go to protest a country they think will not react violently towards them. The world is "shocked" by the actions of these heroic martyrs. Why don't you protest Kim Jung Il's concentration camps? Or why don't you stick up for the rights of the African Pygmies in the congo who are literally eaten by rebel groups? Or stand up against the new Karate Kid? Because your cowards.

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  14. Emily, I'm sorry to see that folks have hijacked your personal blog to drop political rants (some of them disgusting).

    I just stopped by to say I enjoyed browsing your blog a week or so back (you're super creative) and I'm glad to see you're healing ok (emotionally). Physically, looks like you're just as beautiful as you were before the attack.

  15. Emily, you are beautiful inside and out and you are an inspiration. I hope my daughters grow up to be as courageous and principled as you are.

    Your sacrifice won't be forgotten.

  16. Those bastards did this on purpose.

    Those bastards were aiming for the eyes.


  17. "Those bastards", as said by American Goy, include our own bastards, and that unspeakable patch of rotting vomit that calls itself Robert Stokes.

    One cannot even be sorry for the fact that he still has both his eyes, given that losing one or both isn't even likely to teach him anything.

  18. Now I'm not one to really respond to these things... but Robert Stokes has a point; the world is full of issues and corruption. Why Israel-Palestine and not the Congo? First I'd have to disagree that it's cowardly to face just one injustice instead of everything; it's like saying that animal rights activists don't care about the world because they are not fighting with equal vigor for immigration rights. You have to chose your battles and this is one I more stumbled into than chose. Which isn't to say that I wont expand my activism or that I don't consider the universal core of this issue like equal rights for all. It is personal because I am Jewish, and it is American because beyond all the money and weaponry we give Israel, the Middle East plays a huge role in the fate of this country. I fought to end this military occupation. Lets not forget the military occupation in Iraq.

  19. As you say, Emily, one has to choose one's battles. Anyone who tries to take you to task with the only argument that you risked your life in the particular cause that is against his own interests instead of supporting those that he approves of is an obvious clone of the famous Dr Goebbels --only an even more despicable version (and he didn't know squat about you and your possible other interests).

    By the way, I have to say it's rare to meet such an exceptional human being as you seem to be. Your excusing the Stokes attack because you are looking for a kernel of truth in it is not helpful, though.

  20. Emily .. Come with us bloggers on an internet picnic. We would like to sit with you, and hear from your heart. If we cry a little with you, it is because we are sensitive to your nature at this moment.

    We have brought a little white wine, some small finger sandwiches and some fresh fruit.

    Tell us of this adventure you have just been on and how you feel about the matter. We would like to hear it in your own words. Our good will, will not undue the violence that has been going on for some time. Nor do we have the absolute answers, ... "But" we would like readers here, to grasp the real reasons for fear and hate, for the sake of the kids.

    Take your time, to retell this story, you have sacrificed by suffering a physical injury.

    No one has wished this upon you, but by human hands it has happened. " what good can come by human suffering " i have never understood. Perhaps some one " like yourself " championing for a just cause, ..
    Enjoy our laughter, with you, we wish you well, Your peace you give, is the peace, i would like to make.

  21. Also you can call me a cyclops because I can call myself a cyclops because I'm alive. Rachael Corrie is dead. Have some respect.

  22. I am angry about the disfigurement you faced at the hands of an ungrateful ally of our country, America. I wish we would insist Israel honor and or install the right to free speech and assembly without the fear or reprisal that we have here. I applaud your courage; you are a better and braver person than I.

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  24. Emily what was done to you is not acceptable, many of us support you.

  25. Like Rachel Corrie you will alway look beautiful to me.

  26. Hey Emily,

    Whenever I try to reason with people like 'what’s his face' above, it feels like I’m banging my head on a wall. It seems pointless.

    Any road, I wanted to recommend an artist to you, who you may or not already know about.

    James Thurber. Mucho Famous New Yorker cartoonist/writer. He too lost an eye.

    When he was a boy he was playing a game of William Tell with his brother. Crazy! Is this what kids do when they don’t have a Playstation?

    If you haven’t seen his stuff you should check him out. He has a bunch of books with great titles like,

    Is Sex Necessary? or, Why You Feel The Way You Do


    My Life and Hard Times.

    Here’s one of his cartoons I find funny.


    I was going to recommend you visit the Oak room bar in the Algonquin hotel in NY. For years I’ve been taking people there and telling them ‘this is where
    James Thurber and the Algonquin Round Table, a group of NY artists and writers would meet ‘…but I’ve just looked it up now on google and apparently he wasn’t ever a member of that group!

    I’ve been lying to people for all these years. : - o A’dios.

    oh well, you should check it out anyway. its a classy place. You'll fit in there,

    stay as you are,

  27. Emily I apologize about the comment I made, sometimes sitting at a computer and typing things doesn't really seem real. What I am saying is I knew but did not really think that a real person would actually read this. If I was you I would be ticked off that there are people out there that are such A-holes like me and the guy that shot you. I make lots of stupid comments just to tick people off, but for someone who just went through a real traumatic experience, you don't need that BS from me. I truly am sorry if I upset you, and I will bother you no more.

  28. Actually, he can't call you a cyclops, because you don't have a circular eye.

  29. 1) Your artwork is amazing.
    2) You are a courageous and inspiring young woman, and I applaud both your commitment to justice and the marvelous way you are coping with your loss.
    3) I wish you the very best. Hope to see you at the Art Institute someday!

  30. thank you, emily.
    just like rachel corrie, u're an inspiration. get well soon.

  31. Thanks for this post Emily- lots of people in Arizona were thinking about your healing!!!


  32. Emily -

    I wish I could think of something to express my feelings besides thanking you for your humanity and wishing you both a speedy recovery and a rich and generative accommodation to your injury (you seem to on top of that one).

    I find myself imagining how I would feel if my daughter went through what you have undergone, not if I had. Not unusual, parents do this, foreground their kids' experiences. And I think that I'd be consumed with rancor, vengeance and similar unwholesome feelings.

    It's unusual to find that the reactions of another person, a stranger, can make you re-examine your own. It starts with a question; "How can she be so positive? Humorous, reflective, calm....how can this be?" But it is. So then you start thinking, "This serves her well. Would her life be better if she took my route, filled with bitterness? Would anyone's?" Then you feel a weird mix of shame for having the inclinations that you do, and inspiration in seeing that there are other possibilities. So you shame me, and inspire me. Pretty neat trick.

    You must be a remarkable person. You have my eternal respect and gratitude, and I will try to honor your actions by keeping your example in mind. Thanks, and be well.

    By the way, I absolutely loved the "walking" animation and can't wait to view the rest of your work.

  33. Emily you respond with dignity and grace to those who wish you harm (or who are almost senseless to the harm they cause). Thank you for your spark of life, your creativity, your hope you give us all.

    Keep drawing. The world has a lot to learn from you.

    Grace and peace

    Stewart Mills
    Sydney, Australia

  34. emily:

    you rock. hard.

    love and strength in the struggle,

  35. Emily - I said it before because it just came out, without thinking - and was certainly true even if unconsidered. But as I've read your post today, and a few days ago, and watched your *wonderful* work in Art, and in *being a HUMAN being* - I can only say, again: "I love you. Thank you, Emily." (- and aren't most of these comments wonderful? There *is* "something inside so strong!" )

  36. Emily, you are a beautiful person, inside and out.. you're an inspiration and someone we should perhaps all strive to emulate.. much luv and respect,

  37. Hello Emily.. new here, just looking around and found your blog.

  38. Thank you for your commitment to justice and the tremendous sacrifice you had to make in support of it. I came across your background story from the link at Mondoweiss. I too rather stumbled in on it myself. After 9/11, I felt it was important to know more about the players in the region as it would be the basis for much of our military action.

    I had grown up much like everybody else in the US in that I always thought that Israelis were the "good guys" and that the Palestinians were "the "bad guys". What became clear from even a rudimentary investigation was that the narrative was completely one-sided.

    What prompted me to the activism I am involved in is the desire to address the many lies told to keep the Palestinians demonized. I am very proud of the many activists working for justice in the region. It gives me cause for optimism to learn about so many people of integrity, particularly in putting the lie to rest that there is "no partner for peace" on the Palestinian side.

    It is my sincere hope the one day the advent of Israelis and Palestinians living in peace and equality will take away some of the sting of your injury, particularly as you will have contributed greatly in bring this about.

    My sympathy for you in regards to your wound, and my complete admiration and gratitude for all your efforts. Keep expressing the joy for life inside you with your beautiful and compelling art.


  39. You're an awesome girl. Keep going in all you do.

  40. hello! well i actaully only looked at the picture (sorry, i should probably go back and read the post,i know i like it when people read my posts) but i thought, wouldnt it be cool if that was actually a glasses frame? like the frame was above and below the glass holding it in place, that'd be so cool

  41. Happy that incident didn't remove from you humour. It may even be a new visual creation.

    Keep rocking.

    Mouad from Morocco

  42. I am wondering if Cyclops have Glasses or a glass..? Please let me know I don't want to be rude the next time I talk to one..

  43. Sorry to hear about your eye, but it reminded me of a somewhat funny suggestion (depending on your state of mind at the time) someone had given me. Get a black patch, put an Apple logo on it and tell your friends you have the latest gadget - an iPatch.

  44. hairstyles really can be considered! symmetrical, asymmetrical, swooping from one side to the other, inflated here, deflated there!

    and i was going to ask about your costume [because it is awesome] but you answered me. :)

    thanks for sharing all of this neat stuff. i discovered this blog way too late.

  45. I do not know why I searched your name that day... It was probably the feeling I had that we listen to such news and we are thinking "one demonstrator", "one student", "someone". We do not realise that victims have names, lives, stories... I remember feeling very bad when I learned that you were an artist... I remember feeling a mix of surprise and terror when I saw your avatar... It was a shock for me... I thought it was a tragic irony... but... after looking at your art, I realized that it was just you, perceiving life clearer than all of us...

  46. You've been on my mind since i heard and saw your story on Democracy Now. Your humor and creativity and courage are truly inspirational. I believe from something i read in Oliver Sacks's Musicophilia that the brain adjusts over time to vision in one eye rather than two so that your vision will improve I believe in time. You are a beautiful person inside and out and i believe you will be an even greater artist than before as well as great person. I only do some volunteering to see a 2-state solution - i don't do enough - my heart breaks whenever i hear of violence in Israel/Palestine - and feel especially responsible of course when the victims are Palestinian. Definitely a video camera for the left eye with a live feed to a website! Hugs - Jenny A. Hurwitz (NYC)

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  48. Ciao, Emily
    Dall'Italia, (from Italy)

  49. Hey Emily,

    You know, in a lot of ways you and I couldn't be more different.. I'm a boy and a goy, and a practicing more or less traditional Catholic, to boot.

    But I must tell you that from what I've read here, and seen on your YouTube (even if you are a little offensively crude sometimes) that I like you very much, and think what you've done is heroic. Also, I love your images. I hope you're well, and I want you to know that you remain in (my very much uncharismatic or Hsssidic) prayers.

    Blessings on your head, little pilgrim. Courage. Carry on.

  50. Emily, I snagged your picture here for a post I just wrote on my own blog about a NY Times article about you and your "student injury." Hope that's ok. I've linked to your blog and this post.


    peace, and best wishes to you.

  51. You know I was looking for this page after I lost this week issue of voice mag that you were featured in.Somthing about you inspired me ...in fact it's the drive you embraced after the accedent.From one artist to another...''Seeing Is Believing''