Saturday, July 17, 2010


Finding a job is hard, so I decided in the meantime to try to get this little diddle on a Threadless tee. Check it out, and if you like it, why not give it a nice score. It's a photoshopped-up version of a drawing I did during a community meeting at the Jiftlik where I felt kinda like these fellows; wishing to listen in, but sadly not able to understand Arabic (but I'm learning!).

Score My Design: "Listen In"


  1. Shucran, Emily ! Glad you're back ! T-shirt gets an 11 !

  2. There is something about this that reminds me of Dr. Seuss...

  3. Dearest Emily, you were a joy to watch today on Amy Goodman. I was in Gaza in March 2009 and I know what you are feeling now. I left my heart there. When the bus filled with us activists (code pink) were leaving. Everyone was either crying or silent. It took all the effort in the world to keep me on the bus. I had to leave because i was taking care of my elderly mother, but otherwise i would have stayed.
    God bless you my darling. You have been put on this earth to do something very special and you are only 21 years old. You can easily be my granddaugther. I love you and I will be with you in spirit.

    Julianne H. Gustafson-Lira
    Houston, Texas.
    p.s. it would be so wonderful if you could come visit us in Houston and show your drawings. My love to your parents.