Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stormy 1

A beautiful storm cut off our power for two days. I really needed the vacation from the internet.


In the past month I've been feeling that feeling a lot of people get when they get back to the States - what am I supposed to do in/for America? I have maybe three more illustrations half finished from over there, but that's it, I'm not making any new memories from my trip. There's something so uncomplicated about Palestine - if you want to help, meet amazing people, and see the land, it's a no brainier.


  1. Hey

    It's the Land Of Israel

    The Deed is written

    It belongs to the Jews

    You, your self hating Father and the other ISM "Student" Shahids will not change it.

    Not Today, Not Tomorrow, not your self hating lifetime.

    Why did you go to the occupiers hospital?

    What a self hating Jew would do........take $10,000 of medical care and refuse to pay it, blame it on the JEWS.

    Let me get a free CU education, Let me go and help make Israel Juden Free and I will make the Jews pay for my stupid stupid mistakes.

    I never saw you protest any of the Bus bombings, not when they bashed in the head of that young child in front of his father, not when the necks were slit on those two 12 year old boys...........You never said a word..........You were blind to the suffering .......................................You are still Blind to the Killings

    You Blame the Jews for why they are hated................

    Now: You learned a real lesson

    There were Jews that tried to save themselves by working with Germans in the camps....... They never saved themselves.........

    Your Father tries to save himself by removing himself from the world of Jews.

    You learned it from your Father...................................................

    Your as Jewish as the Judenrats

    Misguided and morally wrong.

  2. I just read your story and I am just so shocked that so many people have written such harsh words to you.

    Ignore the insults as these people don't know you or your heart. You are an artist.

    As for the eye avatar and gorgeous costume, how ironic.

    Peace to you.

  3. We had a crazy storm here recently too and power was out for 29 hours . . . it's weird when you're forced to disconnect but I ended up reading a whole book in one day which I haven't done in a long time.

  4. looks like Benny Netanyahu finally figured out how to use the internet

    the guy under me should know that I've been called a "self-hating Jew" all my life (my father is Palestinian) and the term is as meaningless as the Peace Process

    I would advise this person to go back and read his own peoples history, how time and time again the wealthiest Jewish people have coerced the poorest into following their agenda. There is such a rich history of anti-Zionist Judaism if only you look, and there's a even richer history of Zionist leaders collaborating with people from Count Von Plehve to Goebbels himself.

    Emily, you are an inspiration to all of us struggling around the world. You are my Hero. And when faced with people such as those that write such cowardly and reactionary things here I would hope that you can see how blind they are and how truly brilliant your vision is.

  5. I really like the colors in the illustration! I understand about a good break from the internet. It can eat up so much time!

  6. Dearest Emily,
    Do not worry or be concerned about whether you are REMEMBERING your friends and family in Palestine with sufficient fervor, longing and love. They are all part of you and you are part of them, and always will be - you are one family. Exactly the same as with your dear ones in Israel.
    Your own innate artistry and exquisite taste, together with listening to the unerring voice of your intuition, deep in your heart, will guide you as to the work you are to do and the directions you will take in the future, rest assured.
    You are loved and admired - all over the world - for your work, your resilience, your big heart and for taking your stand on LOVE, and not on the display of power. Don't worry !

  7. Read about you in the voice, very interesting story, i wish you well. Also i do enjoy your eyeglasses idea; the fact that you don't want a prosthetic eye is absolutely charming.

    What can one do for America? Pray maybe. ;)

  8. What's that made with?

  9. Great show on Democracy Now! You have a beautiful soul, and hope you continue believing in justice for all in Israel and Palestine.

  10. Emily,

    I just saw your interview on Democracy Now!!

    I found your story inspiring. I wanted to share one of my inspirations with you.

    This video is a short yet inspiring interview with Art and Peggy Gish. Art died last Wednesday in a farming accident. His amazing spirit and legacy will never die.... Art and Peggy's day to day lives have been a beautiful living example of peace, faith and appropriate protest and disobedience.

  11. Emily,

    Watching you interviewed today on Democracy Now brought tears to my eyes. Your vision is beautiful. I'm guessing you are grieving unfulfilled dreams. You must have parents with a big heart. I'm reminded of people of Jewish heritage that are doing something about hate such as Marshall Rosenberg who developed Nonviolent Communication.

    How can anyone who wants people to celebrate life hate anyone? Thank you, thank you, thank you. Yes, as more and more people appreciate people's uniqueness and love of life, in our lifetime may everyone become aware that we all have the same needs. Your visual art and singing meets my need for beauty, courage and inspiration.

  12. Emily,

    Your work is beautiful, your story inspiring, and I loved your hair solution on DM.

    Don't let those scumbags who call you self-hating bother you, I can't find anything hateful in what you've done.

    As a recent art school graduate, I can tell you that it can be difficult figuring out what you want to do and how to build a life around being an artist. As you'll no doubt agree, going abroad can be life changing. I moved to Taiwan and have been able to make a career and life out of my work. You should definitely consider life abroad when you're done with school.

    Good luck, and keep up the good work.

  13. Your art is beautiful, so is your soul. Don't let anyone try to talk you into believing something else. Your story is an inspiration to many and please continue whatever it is you aim to do, in life, in arts, in anything!

    All the best from across a big pond,
    Gina, The Netherlands

  14. Emily,

    I watched your interview on Democracy Now! today. I have been occasionally thinking of you and your welfare since the sad events of the attack on that protest and the tragedy that occurred to you was reported.

    You have made a sacrifice for human rights at that Israeli apartheid border checkpoint that went beyond what you knew you'd be asked to make. You weren't immune to what the Palestinians endure 24/7. It was a deeply violent and cowardly act on the part of that IDF soldier and the IDF commanders. However, to be nonviolent really means to do no harm to others and protect harm from being done to others, before you think about putting yourself out of harms way. You made a sacrifice in defense of acting out your human right and defending the human rights of the oppressed. That is real compassion for which those who ridicule you and commit violence against you cannot see.

    I do wish that whatever wisdom you develop from here on in prevents you from encountering anymore irreversible bodily and psychological harm in the future.

    I think that the way you have turned your suffering and the shared suffering of Palestinians into nonviolent creative expressions is the most wonderful way to develop and maintain your peace of mind. It is something that those who say harsh things about you will not be able to achieve. They are so afraid of the reality. They are mentally disturbed. This is very, very sad. Let's wish them to achieve ultimate happiness, ultimate compassion, ultimate joy and ultimate equanimity.

    I wish you the most auspicious luck in your senior year at Cooper Union and in all your nonviolent social justice commitments towards ending the suffering of the oppressed and exploited on our planet.

    Michael :-)

  15. Emily,

    I am a regular Democracy Now viewer (from a somewhat older generation!) In your interview on today's show, I was inspired to witness a person of such clear convictions and generous heart. You choose to see the good in people, despite those who would try to corrupt that view.

    From my perspective, you are absolutely on the right path. May you thrive in life, in your pursuit of justice and in your art.

    Tim Campion
    Santa Rosa, CA

  16. Your appearance on Democracy Now today was awesome. Best of luck. Al Carlson

  17. Emily, thank you for your transparent humanity and love of people. Know that we love you.
    -Vic Albright,

  18. Emily,
    I saw your interview on Democracy now yesterday. You are beautiful inward and outward. I am inspired by your upbeat attitude. Don't pay attention to the haters. Would love to hear from you on how I can help as a student from Jerzey.

  19. Emily, I also saw your interview on DM. You are such a strong, courageous, and good-hearted young woman. Stay true to your art and to your ideals.

  20. Emily please check out my web site, and please get in touch

    You are an extraordinary. Jane

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  22. Emily... greetings!

    I have huge respect to those who want to open their eyes and see the truth... those who don't want to take the high road and play the role of the victim... to those who stand up to the clueless and brainwashed who prefer to live in denial at any cost.

    The harsh words you have received only show how afraid those people are for the truth to come out. They attack in every way they can so their distorted versions of the facts can deceive the world longer. Anyone who uncovers a story will have a ridiculous adjective assigned to them (terrorist, anti-semite, self-hating-Jew...etc). It is only a way to shut any objections and stop any criticism of the obvious hideous Zionist crimes in Palestine. Israel "the democracy of the Middle East" is actually nothing but Israel the dictator of the whole world where even freedom of speech and opinion is not allowed!

    If the first commentator had any common sense, a simple research on HOW and at what cost Israel came to be, and continues to be, they would be ashamed of talking with the obvious hatred one can read. They would be ashamed that their prosperous state is based on the suffering and the daily killing of innocent Palestinian civilians under military occupation and daily crimes of crazy extreme settlers. Even Jewish and Israeli historians (including Ilan Pappe)proved the nonsense of the made up stories of Jewish Zionist to ethnically cleanse Palestine... for those who want to open their eyes and use their brains... not many of those though.

    But there is an end. To every injustice there is an end and Israel's end is coming soon - thanks to its actions.

    Lots of respect, and warm greetings from Palestine.