Friday, July 2, 2010

Apropriated Memory 1

I was too distracted by the smell of tear gas to see this:

Human Shield

P.S. I just got all my drawings back from my travels and I am busy scanning... P.P.S. I was away for the good part of last week... P.P.P.S. Nothing like a whole lot of free time in the quiet suburbs to get the animation juices flowing! I have some finished work, but it needs sound and what not...


  1. I loikee thiss I really loike this :D

  2. Wow! this is great! i really like the textures.

  3. So glad your back, get to scannin I want my print lol

  4. Nice picture Emily.

    the colors and city in the distance remind me of El Greco's view Toledo....

    ....while the figures in the front seem to have wandered in from a Goya disasters of war print.

    I like the red, the contrast and bit of purple round the boys head...its make it pop.

    great stuff.

    What material did you use? the sky makes me think, digital?

  5. Hi Emily,
    very good work,like you other pictures, go on. I see the fear in the eyes of the child , the coldness of the soldiers...the inhumanity

  6. You are an amazing artist. Your drawings and painting talk to me!

    Just a random visitor :-)

  7. Zhu! What a nice way to start my morning!