Sunday, May 2, 2010

Swing Diptych

Memories from two weekends ago...

WJ Swings SJ Swings

As we leave a demonstration that would ultimately end in arrests and beatings, two men obliviously chit-chat on tire swings.

Sheikh Jarrah
Amongst the chaos of the military and settler's attempts to squander our ability to paint a mural, a little girl sadly sits on the swing set.


  1. I sit in my computer chair with a chill of anguish You are a indeed brave lady....Thank You for bring home the reality of a government that has fallen to be an oppressor

  2. very nice illustrations. they really tell a story.

  3. After your symbolic injury and partial damage

    Hello, Dear student of the world-problems,
    which are very big - but only the very
    last eruptions, before the real messias of love is seperating the brave children and the
    others of his Kindergarden, to give the good children, hopefully us, their eternity in love and togetherness.

    Jesus Christ, the messias for jews and non-jews, called by rabbies: gojim,
    is with you. God has seen your helpless SEEMING position - and is giving help to you and especially to your everliving soul, deep in your personality - but don't forget, he will do it HIS way, not ours. Your soul will ever last und you see only good with your spiritual eye, as a french author in WW II, Antoine de Saint Exupèry, 65 years ago said to the world, and everyone in France and Germany knows this word, what is overwhelming all known frontiers!

    I wish you as a german brother of yours all the best in mental surviving and I'm strongly interested to see you in heaven together with all other friendly and resolute people with courage. Especially mental courage.

    Jesus has helped me, to view behind barriers, and he is send from God, to help you and all of us spiritually. Trust on him after checking him thoroughly by yourself!!! - not by other people!!! - check - please! - his way of living love and ernest together, of course for all of us, who need help too.

    Jesus in God - wants very very often to help not himself personally directly, but through his children, who want to stay with him. You can call those, of course me too, wineyardworkers of the eternity. And I needed very long time, to see those sentances here not as a spiritual joke, but as a REAL and USEFUL help to my brothers and sisters, today for you.

    Yours sincerely, Norbert from Cologne / Germany

  4. I am sorry Emily that our government cares for the security of Israel more than its own citizens. I wish if it was my eye instead yours.

  5. Just saw your interview with Amy Goodman and am really impressed by your story. I feel like I could really relate as I just travelled to the west bank for the very first time! I could really picture you standing by the Calandia check point when you were trying to describe it. Your drawings are amazing and really help to tell a deeper story. The world needs more people like you speaking out for the Palestinians! Keep up the good work;)