Monday, July 20, 2009


My generation is at this indecisive point between old and new technology. I learned how to print photographs with chemicals, I’m going to learn woodblock printing and how to make paper. I learned the whole process of lost-wax bronze casting and other techniques involving some crazy don’t-let-it-touch-your-skin chemicals. And yet I’m going digital, partly because I don’t want to cut myself off from the momentum of graphic technology at such a young age. Still, all this computer stuff has been driving me a bit crazy. The programs have yet to sink into my regular process. I needed to get away from it and clear my head. So I went to a farm with two friends and worked and drew some things analog. Of course I scanned them in and colored them:

Life drawing. I actually did see some clouds like that (though not by the mountains).

The face in the tree – a half from life, half from imagination fabrication.

And cartoon memories of my friend in the lake.

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  1. I like the lake pic very much: both the surreal superimposition of body parts and the shades of blue.