Thursday, July 9, 2009


I’m always an artist at the core, but revolving around that I have these phases of side-interests; For a while I was extremely interested in how understanding the science of how we see can be used in understanding how to make what we can see (art), sometimes I focus on (especially on the subway) what is the meaning of and the use of the time between an action and the result a.k.a. what is the role of waiting and its subsets of boredom, side-tracking, anticipation, and dread in our lives and our perceptions and acceptances of time and mortality, then of course sometimes I think about nothing, sometimes I contemplate my thighs, and lately I have a new material interest in mastering graphics software and using them for animation and illustration. I haven’t really started my new animation yet (which worries me – I felt stuck and scared when I tried to really dive into it) but I have been editing some of my scanned drawings such as these in this little landscape diptych:

I really love the control the computer gives you over color but I’m still a little wary over its materiality.

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