Sunday, August 8, 2010

My name in Arab-esc:

Google thinks the words most associated with my name are, "facebook, blog, new york times, jewish, youtube, washington post, video, cnn, 21, eye." It clearly doesn't know me, but it does know something happened.


  1. That's neat! Would you adopt other people's names/statements to an arab-esque script?

  2. i don't get around to commenting much here but just wanted to say that I am fascinated by all of your work. Including this post. And what's the relation between your name and the NYT or the Post?


  3. I've found your eye!
    Would you come back to Israel to buy it?

  4. Emily,

    I was at Sheikh-Jarrah on Saturday. It was my first time there; it was inspiring.

    But, after living in al Azzeh refugee camp in Bethlehem with a wonderful host family for the last month, I'm going back home to the US on Wednesday. I can already feel the malaise setting in.

    I just watched the DN! interview, and I wanted to thank you for the beauty that you bring to the world - through your art, through your words and through your deeds.


  5. Hello Emily:

    I just saw your DN interview. Your voice, bravery and your art are important. Keep up the good work! Thanks for sharing a point of view thats not readily available here in the states.



  6. I don't like Muslim terrorists. I don't understand those who love them.

  7. Hey Emily,
    You are a very inspirational person, if only more people like you had the guts to go to the Occupied Territories and participate in peaceful demonstrations! I've put a poster of you and your story in my room, so that I can feel strong when I experience any (non-comparable) challenges in my day to day life. Thankyou for your contribution.
    PS. I love your art work and your music by the way, keep it coming!
    Brisbane, Australia.

  8. Emily,
    Just saw your interview at DN. You are incredibly beautiful, in every sense.

    Your radiant smile, your indomitable spirit, your beautiful face, unforgettable voice, and your uncommon penchant to follow your heart... and to connect to other hearts are...well I am at a loss of words, but I will simply say you are the epitome of grace, courage, hope, love, beauty...

    And I haven't yet mentioned the power of your keen eyes and the magic of your art. And you're only 21!

    Your beautiful smile, beautiful art and beautiful heart will take you anywhere you wish. Best wishes.

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  10. from a girl familiar with the struggles of facial asymmetry, thank you for your courage and your brilliant (h)art.