Monday, April 5, 2010

Sheikh Jarrah

The Sons Get Back Their Territory

Hasidim taunting children with prayer.


  1. o. m. g. em! this is amazing. you have have have to publish it somewhere.. maybe you can make a zine or something.. we can move away without leaving a gift to the activist scene..
    ouchh! i love you!

  2. what means you by, "we can move away without leaving a gift to the activist scene..

    Let's sail the ocean!

  3. Emily, you need to go to outskirt cities of Israel where Jewish children are being bombed each and every day without instigation or warning. Perhaps you might consider reporting EQUALLY instead of this one sided view, my dear. Bombs kill, songs do not. Do not diminish your Father's parents who survived The Holocaust nor your Father's sentiment. We spilled our blood for Eretz Israel. Absent of the political fiasco (the people who call themselves Palestinians are NOT, they are a catch all people whose respective countries did not want them after the 1948 separation) you need to be less one sided and more attentive to your PEOPLE, your family history and who YOU are.

    RS Mallory
    Austin Texas

  4. From your previous commentator's website: "Are you practicing Abundance, prosperity and Kindness EVERY SINGLE DAY?"

    RS Mallory how are you practicing abundance and big-bigheartedness when you want to steal and monopolize the eastern Mediterranean seaboard all for yourself? Who says Palestine isn't big enough, abundant enough, for both Israeli Jews and Palestinian Muslims and Christians? You want to efface an entire nation and stamp out its right to self-determination for selfish, ugly, egocentric reasons. Your politics betrays your life-affirming "rhetoric of abundance" and shows us your fear-driven hatred of the same people that the state of Israel has been busily destroying socially, historically and physically for over 60 years now. Palestine is a place, the soil beneath a peoples' feet, Palestine is stained with Palestinian blood labor and laughter - century upon century of it. A people, an indigenous people, cannot be so easy plucked from their homeland and uprooted to elsewhere. The Palestinians should return where they came: Palestine. You shouldn't speak of Abundance. Your slogans call for the death of a people, you are calling for the same ghettos and death camps, the exact same genocidal mechanisms, that slaughtered and immiserated the European Jewry. Your politics are summoning the cold-blooded, stingy practices of apartheid. Israel and Palestine are fertile enough to create a jaw-droppingly multi-ethnic democratic society, where all are equal -- not this hyper-ethno-nationalistic basket-case we see today that is predicated on dangerous exclusions.

    One day Israel will have to welcome the Palestinians back.

    Because that land is their home. It lives inside them like the stone of a fruit, as the Palestinian poet and scholar Lisa Suhair Majaj once stated.