Friday, December 25, 2009


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  1. I've guessed your glossolalia homage to Carlin under the "pen" e-name Ehenocka is as much "you" as anything anyofus are eachofus. Velly velly bright (and certainly not blight). I think I may enter the spirit of my Demon Rage Being, which is inspired into full fulmination ecstasy by viewing Pentacostals in full "delecti spiritus". Jeez, "inspired" by their "delecti spiritus", just caught that. Congratulations on your fun trips, out of the heart of lower N.Y. (have you lived there all your life, or what?)

    I mean, look up references to my long gone uncle who was on the faculty at Cooper Union during the last century (20th, not 19th). Guy's name: Lester Krauss. Just a coincidental event here, of no import, significance, whatever, except for small talk in the context.