Thursday, February 11, 2016



  1. Here it's Saturday morning, and I was thinking about you...
    Was wondering how you were...
    Bless your soul little one.
    Like I once wrote to a friend, Spirit never dies
    To believe and dream of a better world is, maybe, the greatest art of all...
    Take care

    by Else Lasker-Schüler (trans. Eavan Boland)

    On my way, I pick up the last daisy.
    An angel has come to sew my shroud--
    I must clothe myself in other worlds.

    Eternal life to those who know enough
    To talk a great deal about love.
    Only those who love will rise again.
    Hate is a prison, however high the torch burns above it.

    I have so much, so much to say to you about love--
    Even when the winds blow and are chill
    And whirl around the trees
    And round those hearts which once lay in their cradles.

    I was injured on this earth.
    Ask the moon--he will answer you.
    Though overcast, he kept an eye on me
    Even on those days I tiptoed through so timidly.