Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I’m available to do animation/illustration work!

Just saying...

And now, for your viewing pleasure, an old, old animation test:


Here’s my newest playlist - each song means something specific to me. And yes, I like Lady Gaga. And yes, I love Ben Folds.

1) Bubbli’n in my Soul – Flatt & Scruggs
2) The Fame – Lady GaGa
3) What’s in the Middle – The Bird and the Bee
4) Energy – Apples in Stereo
5) Landed – Ben Folds
6) Monochrome – Yann Tiersen
7) Thumbelina Farewell – Ron Sexsmith
8) I Don’t Want to Get Over You – The Magnetic Fields
9) I Need You Back – Ben Kweller
10) Promise – Violent Femmes
11) Gonna Move – Paul Pena


  1. I facebooked it forward. Good luck with it all. I suspect most artists struggle with being business-like. One kind of sucks the other out of existence :-)

  2. Plympton just did a interview on KCRW this week. Have you tried contacting him or his studio directly yet? Anyway, best of luck.

  3. I met him once but I was so starstruck I couldn't get the words out to show him my sketchbook, and he seemed like he didn't have any time for me... so I e-mailed him later, trying to articulate the what I couldn't say in person, but I've gotten no response back. Sure makes me feel little.

  4. Checking back in. Sorry about that, Emily, I've done the same thing - it's easy to get flustered. FWIW, I think your work is pretty cool, and best of luck in the new year!

  5. This is hilarious and more than a little disturbing. I love it :)

  6. Great animation, btw. Makes me have to really reconsider an old animation project I've wanted to get off the ground for a long time. I'll have to dust off some old writing from a long time ago. I never thought I'd say this, but in a few months I could potentially need an animator. Just sayin'...

    Keep making this art. Phenomenal job there, kiddo.

  7. When first you posted the animation it made me laugh, funny and nicely done. Came across it just now and again couldn't help but chuckle. Thanks.

  8. great animation. for music, you must know, but look into andrew bird, immortal technique, and john vanderslice.

    you are brave and you are one of the few... too few... working for a just world.

  9. Wow! Love this animation.

    Thanks for sharing,

  10. love it. GOOD animation

    i think maybe you'd like my artwork...